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While this housing market shoots to the moon and prices soar, people continue to buy homes in this feeding frenzy here in Metro #Atlanta Georgia! Paint contractors are finding themselves busier than ever trying to keep up with the demand for residential re-paints. Whether the request are from new buyers wanting color changes or sellers focused on market readiness re-paints and last minute repairs. In the past decade (ever since #50ShadesOfGray ,in my opinion) there's been an insatiable need for people to paint their interiors Gray... Especially, Agreeable Gray By Sherwin-Williams Paints. It started as a fad and transitioned and evolved into the industry standard for a fundamentally neutral look. This was the same with Khaki earthy tones in the 1990s. While the farm-house décor ties in well to this whole synergy of boring and plain. I personally think its time to elect another color from the palette. I'm hearing chatter of people moving towards SW #REPOSEGRAY (laughing) Because its essentially the same color with a different name. They actually changed the name in the SW Color palette as well! The problem is, mainly. Most people do not have a clue on what colors they should choose and why they should choose them. A lot of factors play in here. Architecture and Era would be #1 and #2 on the list. I just had a relator try to use #SW #AGREEABLEGRAY against a red brick chimney.... NO.... NO.....NO. The customer would have been 100% on board with this decision had I not spoken up. Ultimately we would have ended up repainting that room or even the whole house depending on the rest of the architecture, appliances, cabinetry and furnishings in the rest of the home. The goal is to save our clients time and money at the end of the day and everyone walk away winners. So in closing, please consult with a color consultant, paint contractor, decorator before letting your relator pick your colors and stall your sale in this scorching housing market.

Side Note:

I read an article from a site linked below on the differences in the two colors mentioned above, however they can be identical in a home depending on lighting, window placement etc. To each is own but I'm just speaking from experience in the field.

James Daniel ( Owner @ Atlanta Paintworks LLC)


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